It’s a question I get every time that I speak to a client about a wedding or party. Every. Time. I always suggest one, and it’s a completely reasonable question to ask. Is a cocktail party worth the extra expense? Unless there is some extreme extenuating circumstance, my answer is always the same… YES. Here are some of the reasons why.

Let’s be honest, wedding guests never really know what to do after the bridal party walks BACK down the aisle. They stand, of course, but unless some direction is given, no one knows what they are supposed to do, or where they’re supposed to go after the ceremony and before dinner. In my experience, most of the time people just stand there making awkward conversation until they’re given some sort of direction, either by the DJ or the officiant. Without a cocktail hour, that direction is often vague. “Dinner will begin in half an hour”. Guess what, your guests still have no idea what they’re supposed to do for the next 30 minutes.

Giving your guests an activity to occupy them during the limbo between the ceremony and meal also reassures them that everything is running smoothly and on schedule. When people know what they’re supposed to be doing it allows for more natural conversation and relaxation. The sense of relief that people feel really translates to the rest of the evening. The sooner people can relax (and have a drink or two) the more likely that they’ll enjoy dinner, dance, and create the atmosphere that every couple wants for their special day.

At Jammin’ DJs, we have the resources and ability to perform a wonderful cocktail hour, with mood lightening music to create a stressless environment for your guests to enjoy at any event you book with us. A cocktail hour, when performed by Jammin’ DJs, can be as fun and memorable as the rest of your big day, and the benefits of providing a seamless transition between the events are innumerable.