Who doesn’t love taking pictures at parties? In fact, many people go to parties just so they can dress up and take pictures of themselves and their loved ones having a great time. But it’s all fun until only one is a guest. If one has to throw a party, setting up an ambiance and backdrops people would like to take photographs at can be stressful. If you’re looking for creative ways your party’s photo booth, here are four ideas that can work with any kind of party. 

Make them Instant

The popularity of instant photography has increased in the past few years, and rightfully so! They give photos a chic,vintage look and can be creative depending on when the shutter is clicked. You can create makeshift  photo booths along with a professional  one by getting an instant photography camera with a bunch of film or disposable cameras. Part of the fun of instant pictures comes from the fact that you can take candid pictures throughout the event.  Most people use them for fun experiments rather than taking overly set up pictures. The best part? You can let your guests take some pictures when they’re leaving the party too! 

Go Neon or Pastel

Setting up the right lighting can make your party ten times better and urge people to take lots of pictures. The theme of your party doesn’t matter either; you can create a wall with neon or pastel led lights with simple backdrops and a few props. You can use the lighting around your photobooths to set the mood of the entire event. 

If you cannot decide, you can use both kinds. LED lights are not at all costly, and having two different kinds of lights can help you shift the mood if you plan to host a party that’s going to last a few hours. 

Get Some Props

Props come in a huge variety and can make your photo booth a lot more fun. If used correctly, they can also double up as your party décor.

For example, if your party is beach- or tropical-themed, you can get a bunch of silly straw hats for everyone. You can also create a photo wall with straw hats people can take and wear when they take pictures. Similarly, you can get props that you can also gift people as party giveaways as they’re leaving. These can be wearable items like glasses and bands for adults or frilly skirts for kids. 

Set up a Stage

If you want your guests to take pictures only in a dedicated space, this idea is for you. Set up a stage, complete with seating and props for people to take pictures. This idea works well for big parties, whether a big office Christmas party or a birthday bash. This setup gives your guests the surety that they will not be photographed without their consent. To make it more formal, you can hire a professional photographer who would be the only one with permission to take photos at the party. 

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