Here’s Why You Need to Host a Holiday Themed Trivia Night

Here’s Why You Need to Host a Holiday Themed Trivia NightIf you hear the sound of crickets in your restaurant or bar instead of cash registers and human traffic, you know it’s a slow Monday or worse – the holidays. Discounts and promotions not cutting it? Maybe, you need more enticing incentives to draw a crowd – perhaps a holiday-themed event. 

Have you considered hosting a holiday-themed trivia night at your venue? If not, then read on to change your mind!

Transform Slow Days and Seasons with Holiday-Themed Trivia Nights

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the slowest days of the year for restaurants. Most people dine at home during the holiday season with friends and family. The COVID-19 situation is making things worse than they already are, considering this time of the year isn’t particularly strong for the restaurant and bar industry as a whole. 

Hosting a holiday-themed event is a great way to bring more customers and give them a unique and festive experience. You can create a holiday-themed venue, shake up the décor, have staff wear special outfits or costumes, or you could go one step further and host a holiday-themed trivia night.

Trivia games have become a staple of entertainment in restaurants and bars in the United States, especially in Texas, Colorado, and Georgia. Young adults and seniors love competitive games and want to kill boredom during the holidays. Answering trivia questions becomes more fun with great cocktails and food to pass around. 

So, whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, here are 3 reasons why you need to host a holiday-themed trivia night:


  • Offer a New or Unique Experience


Imagine hosting a Halloween or Christmas trivia night in which people show up in costumes or wearing Santa hats answering trivia questions like:

  • In which country did Halloween originate? Ireland
  • What was the name of Dracula’s sidekick? Renfield
  • Which phobia means you fear Halloween? Samhainphobia
  • If you’re hosting a trivia night in Texas, ask participants, “In the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, how many people are killed with a chainsaw?” One
  • How many ghosts show up in a Christmas carol? Four
  • What popular Christmas song was written for Thanksgiving? Jingle Bells

The trivia questions you make depend on the type of crowds you’re hoping to draw. For instance, college students and young adults would be more interested in movies or sports, while seniors might enjoy history questions. 



  • Americans Love Bar Games


Bar games can bring in new business, encourage customers to have fun and socialize during the holidays. However, bar billiards, darts, and poker can only be played by limited people. On the flip side, everyone in your restaurant and bar can play trivia games, creating a great all-around experience and environment. 


  • Year-Round holidays and Events


By hosting successful holiday-themed trivia nights, you could make this an all-year-round gig and not just stick to conventional holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, and the 4th of July. For example, January 4th is National Trivia Day

Ready to Host a Holiday Themed Trivia Night?

Trivia games are becoming incredibly popular as many restaurant and bar owners have started reaping its benefits. So, what are you waiting for? If you own a bar or restaurant in Dallas, Denver, Eugene, or Atlanta, visit Jammin Trivia today.