Karaoke can be an incredible way to spend a night out. It’s fun, interactive, and can be enjoyable even for those patrons that can’t sing Happy Birthday in tune. Undisputedly, Jammin’ DJ’s employs some of
the best karaoke hosts, or KJ’s, in the business. That said, all of my favorite KJ’s have some of the same
amazing qualities…

Enthusiasm is key. As a KJ, you should never ask your patrons to do something that you aren’t willing to do yourself. Can’t sing? No problem. Learn an easy rap song or something upbeat with a recognizable
and simple melody that you can dance to. If you’re still uncomfortable, then lean into it. Make fun of yourself. Starting your show off with a bang is important, and people are much more likely to participate
if the KJ is enthusiastic and entertaining.

Listen. As a matter of fact, starting your show by singing yourself serves multiple purposes. Aside from getting the crowd hyped, it also allows you to check your sound levels. Have a wireless mic? Walk
around the bar and sing to a couple of your regulars so that you can check the sound in different parts ofthe venue. This allows you to make adjustments BEFORE your first singer comes to the stage. Also, a lot
of KJ’s think that once they’ve hit play on the track, it’s the singer’s job to do the rest. Voices are likefingerprints, no two are alike. This means that every singer deserves your undivided attention on the
dials, so that you can help them sound the best they possibly can.

As a KJ, you are so many things for your crowd. You’re an entertainer, a sound tech, a DJ, and a hype
man. The best KJ’s, like the ones employed by Jammin’, wear all of these hats without missing a beat.
Don’t be passive, be a rock star.