Every wedding is made up of recognizably magical moments. Everyone knows them. The groom seeing his bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle. The cutting of the cake and subsequent miniature food fight. The wedding party speeches. They’re all important and have the ability to create indelible memories. However, it could be argued that, outside of the ceremony, the most important moment of your special day is your first dance. It sets a precedent and a tone for the reception. What kind of celebration do you want it to be? Quaint and romantic? Elaborate and majestic? Or do you just want to have a heck of a lot of fun? Your first dance can say it all.

So… How do you choose that special song? Well, first you need to ask yourself the questions above. Having an idea of how you want the reception to go is the first step in ensuring that it happens the way you’ve imagined it. I think the most important factor is that your song means something to YOU. While you want your guests to enjoy your wedding, YOU are the people that will remember your song forever. 

Here’s a secret, if you pick a song that means something to you personally, your guests will feel that. How many times in movies and TV have you seen wedding guests shed tears while they watch a couple have their first dance? All of the time, right? Guess what… That REALLY happens. More than anything, your guests want you to be happy in your marriage. If you pick a song that makes you feel something about your partner, your guests will read that.

Now, with the sappy stuff out of the way, here are a couple of other tips. Look up the most popular wedding songs at the time… and AVOID them. Do you want to have the same song as every other couple getting married that summer, or do you want it to feel unique? Also, it may seem a bit cheesy, but choreography to an upbeat dance number can be a huge hit. However, I would recommend that you ask your DJ to mix it with something that is a bit more sentimental and romantic to start. 

Truthfully, if you just sit down and think about how your fiancée makes you feel, that is always the best place to start. If there is a genre, artist, or song that reminds you of your S.O., tell them how it makes you feel and suggest it. Lastly, if you are really struggling to choose something, consult your DJ before the wedding. Jammin’ DJ’s does multiple weddings virtually every weekend of the year, and we know our music. We are an amazing resource when it comes to choosing your music, and we are all much more than happy to help.