Bar & Bat Mitzvah Games You Should Know About

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Games You Should Know AboutA Bar & Bat Mitzvah is a coming of age party for 13 years old Jewish kids. It is among the most important events for Jewish families, especially kids as they look forward to this day throughout their childhood. But this event isn’t all about a ritual as families look to throw a party with the most popular Bar & Bat Mitzvah games and contests

However, planning a tricky event like this requires a lot of consideration. You need to ensure the entertainment is kid-focused with something in it for the adult guests too. To accomplish this, most parents opt for an event planning service experienced in Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

Why Hire an Event Planning Service for a Bar & Bat Mitzvah?

An experienced event planning service can offer you several benefits. Let’s check them out:

  • Professional DJ

For a successful event, you’ll need a DJ who understands the nuances and timing of all the rituals. More importantly, they’ll play a crucial role during all the Bar & Bat Mitzvah games to keep the kids and adults entertained. 

  • Take Care of Everything

When you outsource planning, you don’t have to worry about planning, organizing, and controlling your event. You can relax and enjoy the even just like any other guest. 

  • Save Time and Money

Experienced event planners like MyjamminDJs have planned hundreds of Bar & Bat Mitzvah events so not only can they save you time and hassle, but also save you money as they have relationships with multiple vendors. 

The Most Popular Bar & Bat-Mitzvah Games and Contests

The following are 5 most popular bar & bat-mitzvah games and contests:

  • Guest of Honor Trivia

This trivia involves sporadic questions related to the guest of honors. The host will call upon the person who raises their hand first and reward them if they answer correctly. The game usually consists of 5-15 questions, such as the kid’s favorite food, pet’s name, or the best place to visit, etc. 

  • Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is among the most popular Bar & Bat Mitzvah games for children and adults. The best part is that there are no limits to the number of participants. The DJ controls the music and as it stops, everyone tries to grab a chair. The person left standing in each round is out until there’s one chair remaining. The person who grabs the last chair wins. 

  • Name that Tune Trivia

Name that tune is another popular Bar & Bar Mitzvah contest that involves a DJ running the show. Kids and/or adults are asked to form a team. The DJ plays the first 10 seconds of a song and teams have to determine the song title and artist’s name. Whoever guesses the most songs and artist names wins and every team member receives a prize.

  • Mad Balloon Stomp

This game involves tieing a ballon to each contestant’s legs. Each contestant has to try to pop everyone else’s balloons while protecting theirs from popping. The game begins as the DJ starts the music and the last one with the balloon intact wins. 

  • Aerial Levitation

Aerial levitation is a unique game that involves teams of 10 people each having a long thin PVC pipe. The members have to balance the pipe high in the air using just their index fingers. The teams must ensure that while lowering the pipe to the ground, it remains parallel to it. 

Looking for an Event Planning Service to Host a Bar & Bat Mitzvah?

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