In March of 2020, Jammin’ DJ’s – Georgia has the privilege of sponsoring KIDFITSTRONG’s event in Atlanta.

KIDFITSTRONG is a massive mobile fitness event based on an initiative the organization uses to help keep America’s children happy, strong, and confident in themselves. Kids as young as 3 years old are eligible to participate in the free event, and the obstacles and courses have multiple difficulty levels to allow for every child to compete at their own pace. The obstacles and challenges include calisthenics, running, wall climbs, and tunnel crawls. And while the event is largely focused on keeping kids physically fit, adults are eligible to participate as well.

Jammin’ DJ’s pulled out all of the stops for the event and brought out our world-famous Jammbulance to kick off the event in style. A beast of a machine, the Jammbulance is equipped with lights, speakers, gear, and games to help reinvent the way you party. And KIDFITSTRONG certainly was a party. With the Jammbulance rocking out, every kid got the opportunity to feel like Rocky Balboa as they crossed the finish line. Let’s just hope they stayed away from the raw eggs.

KIDFITSTRONG Atlanta was a gigantic success, and Jammin’ DJ’s was honored, not only to take part, but to help by sponsoring such a worthy and important initiative and event. We can’t wait to do it again. Heck, maybe us DJ’s can even convince Jammin’ John Murray to participate!