When we heard the dates for the international ski and snowboard competition Denver Big Air, we were on the phone literally the same day. Although there were some notable names from the ski and snowboard community on the roster, most of the professionals were at our neighboring town Aspen for the Winter X Games. We were still excited to be apart of it regardless, the venue was absolutely amazing. The sponsors really pulled through to put together an amazing event overall. JAMMIN’ DJs wanted to contribute in any way we could, and even though that was sitting in the judges booth 60 feet in the air playing music for the trial runs we were still stoked to do it.

The 120 foot ramp in all of its grandiose.

The County Building in the back would change colors to match the colors of whoever was about to do a run.  Thanks building, you didn’t have to be that awesome.  We would have accepted less… much less.

Bottom of the ramp.

Thanks again to Kevin and Sue over at the venue for helping us make this happen.

~DJ Craig~